The AUDAC Experience

Providing the best value and service together with the ability to listen to the needs of their partners has led to the fact that many distributors around the world selected AUDAC as their main audio brand.

To further enhance these relationships the brand has built the AUDAC Experience Center in 2013. The main purpose of this new state-of-the-art building is to let distributors and end-users experience the products in a unique environment. Besides several listening and demonstration areas, it also includes training areas inside the complex to educate their dealers on a regular basis.

About us

AUDAC specializes in industrial and professional sound solutions including amplifiers, speakers, microphones and much more.

The Belgian brand, founded in 1992, is well-known for its groundbreaking innovations. Nowadays, this philosophy of launching inspiring products on the professional audio market still stands firm.

AUDAC makes sure that quality and service come first and is very proud of the high regard customers have for its products. The brand owes this to their qualified engineers and technicians who continuously upgrade the products to incorporate newer technologies and state-of-the-art materials.

Digital matrix systems

With innovation at the base of AUDAC’s development, the brand offers comprehensive, expandable and powerful solutions for nearly every situation.


Audac offers a wide range of digital multi-channel amplifiers for single and multi-zone systems.


With more than 80 loudspeaker models, AUDAC proves that it can offer you the most accurate solution for your installation.


From the most robust handheld or headset microphones to advanced paging systems, AUDAC provides you with the extension for your voice.

Audio sources

AUDAC pays great attention and care to their multimedia sources. The development of cutting edge digital audio technology has led to the outcome of a complete range of sources that will inspire you!

Hearing is believing

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PVS would like to offer you the experience of its professional audio brand AUDAC. The AUDAC Experience Center is specifically built for this purpose.

In order to best organize your visit, a differentiation is made depending on whether you will be visiting the center:


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Partner training Netherlands 2015 Click here to see the full image gallery.

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The launch of MC microphone series

The launch of BX and CX loudspeaker series

The launch of GIAN, AXEL, XENO and KYRA column loudspeakers

The launch of world's first steerable line array of 8 meters in height

The launch of APM and ARU series

The launch of worlds web based multimedia matrix the M1

The launch of R1 web based multizone matrix

The launch of WX loudspeaker series

The launch of PX, RX and SX loudspeaker series

The launch of KYDO, AXIR and GIAX loudspeaker series

The launch of CPA and COM amplifier series

The launch of KS208 and HS212 2-way horn loudspeakers

The launch of PRE16 and PRE26 preamplifiers

The launch of D, Q and T amplifier series

The launch of DPA and CAP digital amplifier series

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